The Cortez El Paso

The Cortez is a wonderful historic building in downtown El Paso, Texas housing two large ballrooms which can be rented for your wedding venue. The first floor ballroom is a great space with no windows to host your reception. This ballroom is large and can handle 200+ guests with full catering services. On the 10th floor is a light and airy ballroom lined with windows which face the San Jacinto park. This wonderful ballroom is also large and can handle 200+ guests. The 10th floor also has many off-rooms from the ballroom which can be used for getting ready and for some amazing pictures. Like the first floor ballroom, the 10th floor has full service catering with space for a dance floor and a DJ.

There is a lot of history surrounding the Cortez going back to the 1800's when it was an elite hotel which carried the name Vendome Hotel. In 1899 the hotel was purchased and renamed Hotel Orndorff and then underwent a remodel. In 1935 the hotel was renamed Cortez. For many years the building was a hotel until the 1980's when it was sold and renovated to the building it is today.

If you are looking for a beautiful historic location that won't bust your budget, then this is the location for you. The Cortez still holds its old beauty and luster with a modern flair. If you want a bold statement then look into the 1st floor ballroom. If you are after an elegant and bright statement then head on up to the 10th floor for a touch of splendor.



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