What You Can and Should Expect from Your Photographer on Your Wedding Day!

For many people, their wedding day may be the first time they have ever been in front of a professional photographer. If you're camera shy and normally uneasy in photographs, this can be scary! Not to mention professional photographers are usually a bit odd and eccentric. But have no fear because with a little planning and research, you will know what to expect from your photographer on your big day. At least mostly.... :)

Prompt, Professional, Polite and doing some strange things:

Your photographer should always be prompt, professional and polite no matter the circumstances. You have done your due diligence and decided on the perfect photographer based on research, reviews and the quality of work that they produce. Your expectations are simple; get the best photos of the entire day and don't miss anything! Oh yes, please don't be late either. Simple enough and those are logical expectations. What you didn't plan for is the little things that your photographer may do in the background. Strange things like walking around in circles, lying down on the ground in different awkward positions and going up and down steps while looking where the light is shining. The reason for this strange behavior is just that, your photographer is looking at the light. Where the best photos can be taken using the best light possible. You see lighting is of utmost importance to a photographer and they will go out of their way doing crazy and almost dangerous things to catch that perfect light for those beautiful images.

Professional, Prompt, down right strange

Striking a pose and giving some direction:

As mentioned earlier you have certain expectations of your photographer and in that is their ability to give direction to you and your entire wedding party. He or she needs to be able to give direction as to where to stand, poses to get into and where everyone else should be positioned. This can be an interesting part of the wedding because your photographer may ask some unique expressions and poses from you. Don't worry, they aren't going crazy. As a professional photographer it is their job to know what positions will look best based on the background and the lighting. That also means that your photographer may find some very interesting positions themselves to get that great picture. Many a time photographers will lay down in the dirt to capture the perfect shot or will even wade into water for the image of a lifetime. This is all just a normal everyday occurance for your photographer. Don't be afraid to follow their lead and I promise you that it will pay off when you receive those glamorous photographs.

Crazy things wedding photographers do

Goodby photographer and hello party:

The formalities of the day are done and now it's time to relax, let your hair down, and partake in some celebration with your new spouse at the reception. This is usually when you don't notice your photographer anymore and don't really even remember that you have one. Your photographer has taken the position of a photojournalist capturing real events and precious moments as they happen. Nothing is staged and no one is put into poses at this time. You are out on the dance floor getting your funk on while your photographer is hiding in the shadows capturing everything in real time. These are the images that most people really love. Those photos of uncle Joe dancing with your 6 year old niece and your father daughter dance can't be staged. These are the memories that will never be lost thanks to your crazy photographer sneaking around clicking away. So don't be afraid and enjoy the moment, your moment, and feel relaxed and confident in your photographer. You won't regret that you did and you will have amazing pictures of your special day to enjoy for generations to come!




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