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I know after looking at all of the planning that goes into a wedding, the thought has crossed your mind: "Whew goodness, maybe eloping would just be easier". Hey, if that's the option that works best for you (and one that won't end with you and your new husband being murdered by your respective families) go for it! Just because this is a possibility for everyone, here is my quick little guide to elopements.


Just because you're eloping doesn't mean you don’t get to find the perfect dress for you. Have a ball! We know there is nothing traditional about elopements so there doesn’t have to be anything traditional about your dress unless you want to.


A tux is not required to really set the tone. The groom could wear khakis, an oxford and boots and everything can still look visually stunning. The thing about elopements are, they are less stress, for most people, and you get to do whatever you want.


Spice up those gorgeous mountain, canyon, waterfall, insert like ten other dreamy locations here, elopement photos with some floral arrangements. I promise you will not regret it.


The entire world seems to be at your disposal here. Not only can you travel practically anywhere, but you can do pretty much anything you wish in most spaces. You can take arches with you, add over the top floral arrangements rugs, chairs and so much more. Wherever you decide to go it only takes a few added touches to make the space your own.


Guess what beautiful? Just because you decided to elope doesn't mean you have to go at it alone. You could still invite family and a few guests (hey, it just might save your life!). For most people an elopement falls in a sub category of a small intimate wedding.

Make sure you have all of your ducks in a row here. You want to have an officiant wherever you will be eloping. You could contact individuals in the location you're heading to or you could always bring someone who means a lot to you along for the ride. I'm sure they would be honored.


If you decide that eloping is right for you, you can still totally have one of those big over the top receptions with the fancy glasses and fine china. It's completely up to you how you want to celebrate your marriage with your friends and family. Some individuals will host a dinner party in their home, or at a local establishment to bring everyone together.


If you're going to be traveling to distant lands, you need to keep in mind travel expenses, lodging, car rentals, etc. But I know you got this. You're a smart lady!


•What's your budget?

•What date would you like to be married?

•Where do you want to elope to?

•Will you be inviting any guest?

•Will you need to hire more vendors?

•Do you need an appointment in order to pick up your marriage license?

•Do you need witnesses?

•Do you need to book any overnight accommodations?

•What should your hair & makeup look like?

•What style dress are you obsessing over?

•How are you going to celebrate your new relationship status?

We are always available to capture your elopement! Whether your elopement is local or destination, we will capture your beautiful day. Contact us and lets talk about what we can do to make your wedding perfect!



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