The Value of Wedding Photography - Why It's Important and Worth the Investment

You’ve just gotten engaged. Your mind is racing and confused with all of the different vendors and options to choose from. You're not quite sure even where to start , but know there are certain vendors that you want. Maybe it’s because your friend used awesome vendors at their wedding you liked, or you have been following them quite a while on social media, or maybe you head to WeddingWire or the The Knot to find more options, things begin coming together!

When it’s time to choose a photographer, it’s important to not view this as just another vendor to check off from the list of things needing to get done. A good photographer is one of the most important vendors on your wedding day! You may be thinking to yourself that I’m saying this because I'm a photographer, but let me show you why your photographer is SUCH an important part of your day!


First, your photographer will be planning with you for many months, quite possibly over a year! On the wedding day, your photographer will be around you more than any other vendor. I joke with brides often telling them that I will be by their side more than even their groom. Your photographer plays a huge role in planning your timeline, capturing the moments of mom zipping up your dress, your father's first time seeing you in your dress, shares in the joy of the first look, and one of the first people that sees you coming down the aisle as husband and wife. It’s a HUGE deal! They will also set the tone for your big day! You need to know that your photographer will be positive, kind to you and your wedding party, your family, and will be good to your loved ones no matter what the circumstances are. Knowing that your photographer will have more interaction with you and your family than any other vendor makes it a big decision!

There is also another reason your photographer is worth investing in. Your photos will last generations into the future. After the wedding has ended your guests will go home, the cake will have been eaten and life will continue as usual. One of the things that you will have left are your photos to treasure for a lifetime. You will be able to relive your moments and precious day for years to come.

A talented photographer will also bring value to your other investments on your wedding day. Think of it in this way; You purchase the dress of your dreams, have the beautiful flowing bouquet you’ve always wanted, and have never felt so perfectly made up with your hair and makeup. You are also smiling more than you have smiled any other time that you can remember. So what if that emotion isn’t captured beautifully? What if you paid for that perfect dress and find that you don't like the pictures of it? What if those amazing and beautiful flowers aren’t photographed well? A skilled photographer will be able to capture those beautiful images showcasing everything that you have put into such an important day!

Lastly, we reminisce through the pictures of how we were feeling at that moment. We recently had our photos taken and throughout the entire shoot we were laughing and having such a wonderful time. Now when I look at those photos, what I remember is how much fun we had together during that shoot. It goes the other way too though. If you felt really uncomfortable throughout your entire engagement session and awkward working with someone, chances are good that you will remember those emotions again when you look back at the images. That is why it’s so very important to find someone who makes you feel comfortable and taken care of. Someone who makes it fun, exciting and a happy time. There is no reason this should be stressful. You should feel comfortable and confident about yourself during your photos. You want to reflect back on those images and remember how wonderful you felt with the people that matters most to you!


Be sure that you love their style! Remember, a photographer’s style will stay consistent from wedding to wedding. You should be in love with the photographers photos and desire that for your own wedding day. If you’re scanning their website and the same type of image keeps capturing your interest, make a mental note of what it is about those images that intrigue you. Maybe it's the color or the position, or a dark and more moody feel? Take the time to look through the websites of different photographers that you're interested to be sure that you are choosing the one that most fits your style and personality.

Next, talk to the potential photographer on the phone if not in person. It's acceptable and good to want to at least speak with a photographer before going and booking them. I prefer to speak with couples on the phone at minimum so that both the couple and I can see how well we connect. I don't believe it's necessary to meet with 30 different photographers, but meet with the final few that you are interested in. Instead of researching the top questions to ask a wedding photographer on Pinterest, ask them questions that are of interest to you and allow them to tell you about their style and how they work. You should leave your meeting feeling comfortable and connected to the photographer. Don't forget you will be around them your entire wedding day! You want to know beyond any doubt that you can trust the person capturing this once in a lifetime day. When you do find the photographer you can trust, you will feel so much more relaxed and confident in your decision. I once had a bride who awakened to rain on the wedding morning. When I showed up, I explained our plan for the day and that everything was going to be perfect. Her response was; “Alex, I saw the rain and wasn’t worried because I knew you would take care of everything.” Now that's trust in your photographer!


This really depends on the person. If you find someone you enjoy being around and love their work, not to mention are comfortable with and enjoy being in front of their camera, then that’s worth investing in! Though I don't always subscribe to the idea that paying more gets you more value, finding true value comes with making an investment that you look back and are thankful you’ve made.

I hope you have found this article helpful with your search in finding your perfect photographer and helps educate you on the true value of great wedding photography! If you would like to learn more about my services and investment, head on over to my wedding website page! Congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding! Marriage is awesome!



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