Should I Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer? Yes! Here are the Reasons Why

I can't think of anything that a bride and groom want more than to have a perfect

wedding day. One of the most important things on that perfect wedding day are the images that you will reminisce over and cherish forever. Your photographs will be a beautiful reminder of that special day with all those wonderful moments to always treasure with family and friends. Not only will your photographs capture the ceremony and reception but also all the unscripted moments of the day. This is one of many reasons why you should hire a professional photographer.

With the average price of a wedding reaching upwards of 40k, there will inevitably come a point where you will begin to scale back and cut costs wherever you can. Your wedding photographer is the one place where you shouldn't skimp. Family and friends are often more than ready to be of assistance to you on your big day and will offer to help in any way they can, including standing in as your photographer. When uncle Bob or aunt Betty offer to step up to the plate, there are a few things you should consider.

Do you feel comfortable and relaxed with your choice of photographers? Are they someone that you and your guests can interact with and are they experienced? Your photographer is someone that can read the flow of the day and is able to predict where and when to be there to capture the perfect image. Not only are they familiar with how their camera settings work but also with lighting and scenery. Uncle Bob and aunt Betty mean well but do they have the experience shooting weddings and do they have the knowledge to shoot in any situation?

Does your friend or family member know how to seize each and every single moment of the day to get the images that have an elegant and professional look? As with any profession, a photographer is a master of their profession and they are skilled in taking photographs. There is a great artistic skill involved in photography and a lot of that artistic skill comes with taking thousands of pictures in hundreds of different settings and conditions.

Is your choice of photographers knowledgeable in working with tricky lighting? A large part of photography is knowing how to work with the multitude of different lighting situations to their advantage for those awesome photos. Photographers are masters of light and can almost bend it to create a gorgeous effect on the subjects in their image. They know where to take the shot from, how to place you and your groom, what settings to use on the camera and what to expect in those images. Is your reception in a dimly lit ballroom? Yup, a professional photographer will know how to get great pictures there as well!

Once the cake is eaten and your guests have gone home, what you have left is your new husband and the photographs of your day to reflect and share. How do you want those memories to be portrayed? Do you want them to be a beautiful story of your entire day or to be half fuzzy out-of-focus shots of random things? If you still are uncertain as to whether to hire a wedding photographer, look at this article titled; Why I Regret NOT Hiring A Professional Wedding Photographer. Yes I'm a wedding photographer and yes I'm partial to you hiring a wedding photographer but the choice is yours. When making that important choice, just remember some of the things discussed here and ask yourself; "How important are the memories of my wedding day?".




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