Prepping for Possible Rain on Your Wedding Day

So let's be real here. You aren't going to plan an indoor wedding just for the sake of, "oh it may rain". Pshhh. Don't pass on a gorgeous venue because you are afraid of a little rain. Rain doesn't stop the show and there are tons of ways to prep just in case of negative weather. So you know that I am on your side in this thing, here are some:

Before I jump all the way into how to prep for the possibility of rain at your outdoor wedding, I just wanted to tell you that rain/clouds create the best light for portraits. So there is that.

Secure backup location

This one seems like a no brainer, but sometimes the obvious can be overlooked. This is just in case the heavens open up and there is a massive downpour. If you cant find a backup location, book a just-in-case tent and some flooring. The flooring ensures that the ground won't be a muddy mess.

Let guest know about any changes

Assumptions cannot be made here. If your guest check their weather app and see that there is a 1000% chance of rain, its a day before your wedding, and you haven’t said anything to anyone . . . well, there is a major chance that some individuals may not show.

Stall if you can

We are all too familiar with showers and how if you give them 5 to 10 minutes they will pass and the sun will come right back out. If that is the case, make sure you have towels for those chairs, and make sure the ground is not too slippery for your guests.

Talk to your venue

It doesn't hurt to see what people have done in the past as far as their rain plan is concerned. I'm super positive your venue will fork over this information faster than you are able to get the question out.

Get a couple umbrellas before hand

This one seems kind of self explanatory. Make sure you're covered at all times.

Come with the right accessories

Your wedding is outside, there is nothing wrong with having cute accessories in case it rains, or the ground is still a little slick. Why not get some monogrammed rain boots? Yes, with your new monogram, diva.



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