Peerspace Top 12 Wedding Photographers In El Paso - Number 2 Spot!

We are honored to have been named #2 on the Peerspace Top 12 Wedding Photographers in El Paso! We couldn't have made this list without all of our wonderful couples allowing us to create beautiful imagery for them. You guys rock! We take great stride in providing a customized and personal experience for all of our couples and to deliver exceptional imagery and service to everyone. We don't just view ourselves as photographers, we view ourselves as historians of moments and family memories. We know that each photo we take is a blessing and that we are capturing moments to be cherished and remembered for generations. We are photographing your family legacy.

Our road has been one of great challenges and great rewards. As with any business, it takes an immense amount of time and sweat equity to build from the ground up. In the beginning, there were times when we weren't sure if we would have the money for the common necessities. I can remember looking for a birthday gift for Cindy but only having a budget of $20.00. Imagine how that made me feel! I just wanted to give up photography and go back to the corporate world. Wow what a journey it's been!

Now after over a decade of photography and picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and pressing forward, we have an amazing sustainable photography business. We are blessed constantly with new friendships and opportunities to do what we love; create beautiful images of fantastic people. What can be better than that!

Please feel free to head on over and check out the Peerspace Top 12 Wedding Photographers in El Paso and share our moment of excitement with us! You deserve the best and we are here to be the best for you!



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