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As we all know, wedding planning can be hectic and stressful. Everything from choosing the flowers to finding the right photographer can be just about enough to drive us off the deep end. Not to mention the cost of a wedding and all the organization that goes into it!

A recent Zola study of 500 couples found that 96% of the couples planning a wedding suffered from stress and anxiety. Of those 96%, 40% found it extremely stressful while the other 56% found it more nerve-wracking than major life events like finding a new job or raising children.

Through all of this, it's important that you take care of yourself and find the time to get away from planning and stressing. Whether your favorite thing is going to a movie or a drive through the countryside, taking the time away for yourself can be rejuvenating and provide the stress relief needed to refocus. A day a week taken to do things you enjoy can make a huge difference and gives you clarity in your planning.

Remember that even though you are planning for your big day, what's most important is your well being and serenity. Your wedding day will be a magically enchanted day and it will be most memorable when you arrive stress free and feeling accomplished. Take care of yourself and may your planning lead up to the most special day of your life.



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