7 Tips for Stress Free Wedding Planning

No one told me you were a professional at running marathons! I seriously can’t believe it. Well, planning a wedding is a lot like running a marathon. Or so I’ve been told. Personally I’ve never ran a full marathon so I wouldn’t know. Well, girl, I am practically your bestie in this thing so I look at it this way.. It’s my job to make your life as easy as possible right now. So here are seven tips & tidbits to make sure that you keep your head on straight through the process.

1. Utilize a wedding time-line. This is not one of those fly by the seat of your pants type of events. Make an outline of what’s going to happen when and stick to it.

2. Figure Out Top Priorities Figure out what needs to be done when, so you’re not running around trying to do things like get a marriage license the day of your wedding.

3. Delegate If someone else is fully capable of doing it and you trust them completely . . . Well . . . loosen the reigns just a tad and let them handle it.

4. Establish “No Wedding Talk” time ASAP. Wedding planning is stressful and can take over your entire life and relationship. Make sure you have some sacred time to just be with your love and enjoy life.

5. Prep your emergency bag Your wedding is going to be an extremely long day. You may need to pack a few supplies to help you get through it all. I’m talking about, stain remover, a small miniature sewing kit, double sided tape, safety pins, bobby pins and different select items to touch up your makeup later in the evening.

6. Prepare Tip Envelopes It is not uncommon to tip the vendors at your wedding. My personal suggestion? Prep the tip envelopes and give them to someone you trust, so that they can make sure that your vendors get them on the day of the event. Make sure the envelopes are clearly labeled.

6. Think about vendor meals. Another thing that people forget all about. When you are planning your number of people who are going to be eating make sure to include a few for the vendors.

7. Get a photo wrangler This is going to be someone who knows everyone’s face. I can promise I’m not going to know your distant cousin who came to the wedding from the big city, but your wrangler should.

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