5 Tips For Your Engagement Photography Session!

1. Coordinate your colors!

Don’t try to match. No one is expecting you to look like the twins from the Shinning. haha. Go with different dominant colors. So, just to give you an example. Let’s say you have this amazing navy dress that you have been absolutely dying to wear, why not put him in khaki and gray?

2. Have fun with the outfit!

I know there are a ton of ladies who buy those “I may get invited to a ball” gowns or “it’s so shiny I just have to have it” dresses. Well guess what, sweet pea?! This is your chance to pull that tulle skirt out and have a ball in it. This is your day. Have fun with your outfit. Dress it up. Make it your own. Show some personality. These will be the photos that get everyone’s attention. Might as well drop a couple of jaws along the way.

3. Pay for the professional.

I’m going to come straight out and say it: Your engagement photos kind of set the tone for the rest of your wedding experience, so go ahead and treat yourself and get your hair and makeup professionally done. It will yield the results that you want, EVERY SINGLE TIME. I promise you. Pro Tip? Use this as your trial run for your hair and makeup artist.

4. There is nothing wrong with a statement piece!

Yes, I am talking about that Bumble Bee Pin that you love because it’s the perfect accessory for your jean jacket. Figure out a way to wear that jean jacket and get that Bumble Bee Pin in the shots. If it means a lot to you then it means a lot to me and I want to see it get in where it fits in.

5. Avoid Distractions!

I don’t know if there is a “nice” way to say this. If it looks like it takes the eyes away from you, bulky stripes, large logos, busy patterns. Thennnn, we totally don’t need it. I promise you, the closet is the best place for it.

Other things to think about:

• Treat yourself - get the manicure

• Get your ring cleaned

• Have a light, but filling, meal before your session

• Avoid foods that are high in salt and fat for at least three days before your session.

• Drink lots of water

• Moisturize your skin

• The night before is not the night to exfoliate your skin.

• Don’t think of it as a photo shoot, think of it as a date. It will ease some of your anxiety.

• PDA makes for AMAZING photos

• Remember to HAVE FUN!



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